Stamp it out!

22 Mar

I’ve always been a spaz about stamps. When my dad used to bring me to the office with him, he would sit me down at the reception table where I would “work” by diligently stamping every piece of paper with “URGENT” “RETURN TO SENDER”, and of course, that super cool library check-out date stamp (seriously, how cool was that stamp? I’m still not over it).

Stamps are awesome, because unlike Lisa Frank stickers or Garfield pencils, you can use them endlessly and don’t need to hoard them in a lunchbox until you’re 26 and realize you should have just used them already!

These aren't mine. But good for whoever collected them!


Since we just established I probably hold on to paper goods for too long, it shouldn’t surprise you that I always have a plethora of blank cards waiting to be mailed to someone. I don’t find myself composing letters often, so I mostly use these cards when I don’t have an appropriate Thank You note or Birthday card to send. I always feel like the blank card always seems to say “I tried…sort of.”

But what is a person supposed to do with an endless supply of blank cards? When would be an appropriate time to send them? Wouldn’t these blank cards suddenly seem so much more useful if they just had something special on the inside?

I had the idea to make a custom stamp (based off a thank you card I had already designed), and use it on the inside of other thank you notes. That way, it’s like my signature seal.

Lemon card + yellow envelope from Target. I designed the Thank You Heart card and stamp.

I got pretty pro with my stamping, and looked around the house for other things I could use besides the basic stamp pad. The gold ink above was from a metallic graffiti pen. It worked beautifully. I also tried some acrylic paint, which worked okay but I preferred the pen.

After I had a regular ole stampede I wondered,”Wow, now what else can I do with this? Can I make a card using only the stamp?”

You better believe I did.

Stamping Tips:

  • Thoroughly ink your stamp, either by making firm, even contact with a stamp pad, or covering your stamp completely with a marker.
  • Don’t push too hard when stamping. The stamp should lightly “kiss” the paper.
  • If your stamp gets stuck even for a moment, try to evenly peel it off in one direction. Think of it like you’re rolling it back towards you.

I can’t wait to make more stamps like this for birthdays, holidays, and graduations. I’ll keep you posted!

Do you have any super awesome stamping projects or ideas?


3 Responses to “Stamp it out!”

  1. raquel March 22, 2012 at 5:50 am #

    I have a stamp collection 🙂

  2. gil. March 22, 2012 at 8:31 am #

    I like you new post, I love stamps too! I made personal one for the back of my art, and change it each year.
    I also have a date stamp, which i use to date my art, so it will help all the millions of fans keep the chronological debate in check.
    My mom used to let me stamp stuff at her work too, i used to leave her office with “copy” on my hand all the time
    Great post, brings back a lot of fun memories “working at the office”

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