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Mirror, Mirror

3 Apr

My fiance Jason started the process of moving his belongings into the house this past weekend (this is getting pretty real!), and while he very graciously declined the use of the master bedroom closet (GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAALLL!!!), he was scratching his head over where to put his things in the bathroom. Allow me to show you why:

Oh, what a lovely bathroom. But wait, what else is there?

Hmmm…Well, that’s pretty small. But I’m sure there are some drawers somewhere?

See, there are DEFINITELY drawers in there. Wait, what?? There aren’t? Where do you put your toothbrush and thousands of bobby pins?

Oh. Wow. That’s….that is taking up valuable bathroom square footage. I see your dilemma.

I know, right? I thought that the fact it was mirrored would camoflauge it, but it only is a major toe-stubber. It’s okay, I have a plan. Even though this bathroom certainly puts the “Closet” in “Water Closet”, I think we can make it work. I checked out a few blogs on home bathroom organization, and I feel validated knowing that I’ve done basically everything I could with the current setup (Here are some of the links I checked out: this post, and this post).

We decided the best way to make this space work is to do the following: Take down my beloved mirror that I brought with me all the way from my previous house, bite the bullet, and get a medicine cabinet. That’s right guys, if you want to snoop through my bathroom during parties, now you can! I promise you won’t find anything remotely interesting though, since I wear my dentures constantly and keep both my glass eyes in most of the time too. Sorry, bro.

If I’m giving up my beloved current mirror, I might as well get something good. Here’s the rundown for what we need. Ideally, we want a recessed mirror (one that will be installed flush within the wall). My current mirror is 34-inches tall, 21-inches wide…it’s pretty tall, and ALMOST too close to the light fixture. I’d like a mirror that is about as wide as the one that is there now, but maybe a few inches shorter.

So let’s see what’s out there, shall we?

Option #1 This one is really elegant and pretty, but it might be a tad ornate for the bathroom, which has a very streamlined look.

Option #2 Probably the safest option, it is the same width as the current mirror, and is actually the exact same size as the center mirror panel.

Option #3 I really like this mirror, because it is slightly special but not super ornate. The biggest bummer is that it’s very narrow. Bonus though, it is named “Ashton.”

So, if you were me, what would you do? Give up my beloved current mirror, or go for door number 1, 2, or 3? Play it safe, or go big? Since Bob Barker isn’t here to give me advice, give me your counsel!

P.S. Like the paint stripes? Check out my inspiration here and here!